Moto X 2017 exposure? Integrated body / large camera

Recently, the actual media exposure of a Lenovo Moto new machine renderings, as well as a real equipment real shot map, as outlined by speculation is the legendary Moto X 2017. From the exterior point of view this equipment and Moto Z both similar and various, the first camera is still very big, and with a two-color flash, accompanied by the fuselage around the metal dish is surrounded by black plastic-type wrap, not Moto Z three-stage machine In the long run, we did not see the Moto X 2017 in the rear of the module connected connections, that is, Moto did not give this kind of new machine design component function.

The current fingerprint recognition is the mainstream configuration, no accident, than the Moto X 2017 will also be equipped with pre-fingerprint recognition.Right this moment Lenovo start to Offer more far better Moto series smartphone, hope this Lenovo replacement will have more qualification in Smartphone repair business.

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