Japan’s display company’s embarrassment: Sharp ended up being acquired, Jdi is also precarious


Each time the mobile phone manufacturers achieving, there will always be a lot of hardware variables, the processor non-Xiaolong 820/821 not, the particular display Zeyi Japan Sharp, Jdi proud. Okazaki, japan in the panel industry has been prosperous, but now only Sharp, Jdi two, and embarrassing is that the a pair of companies are not operate by themselves, Sharp eventually acquired by Taiwan’s Hon Hai, Jdi is actually facing a crisis, This week declared the layoffs of 30%, recently been exploded with the Japanese government agencies to negotiate 75 billion yen in relief.

Jdi Japan is the company in 2012| by the Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba’s cell business combined from the company, with Sharp, Jdi LCD panel includes a deep technical accumulation, screen good, and a The obvious illustration is a lot of In-cell screens are from both of these companies, they not only for that Huawei, mi, htc and other companies to provide mobile phone panels, even the iphone also has using Jdi.

Jdi spent 170 billion yen last year, the new six-generation line Digital factory, Apple also undertook a big investment, in order to ensure the stability of the iphone LCD supply.

Since there is this sort of strong customer market, Jdi purportedly should have a good life, however is not the case, they are really tricky with Sharp, is a technology, there is a market panel company, although the company happens to not drive. Sharp INCJ industrial innovation agency in Japan after several bailouts still can not be supported, and eventually by Taiwan’s Hon Hai acquisition, into a Taiwan corporation.

Jdi has a 36 per cent spot in the Jdi company, and now Jdi experditions are experiencing difficulties. On Tuesday, this company announced a 30 % layoff and about 4,700 personnel to be laid off, which would enhance the company’s Profit situation, enhance the company’s liquidity.

However, this particular move can not fully guide Jdi out of the woods, there have been news that Jdi has been negotiating while using the INCJ agency rescue funds, is anticipated to get the hands of the Japanese government 75 billion yen in relief, equivalent to 4.79 billion yuan.

In addition, the Jdi Bank of cooperation to contemplate the company to provide additional aid.

Relevant measures have not however officially announced, but with these types of rumors, Jdi accept INCJ further guidance may have not run.

Just like Sharp, Jdi is also planning to upgrade the actual OLED production line, the same is usually to compete for future iphone cellular phone OLED orders, but at this point, Samsung,LG has been at the forefront, Chinese companies are at this moment launched OLED production line, Sharp plus Jdi face competition will only grow and bigger.

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