IPhone7 in the FPGA chip reveals the future trend of Apple AI


Each generation of new iPhone will soon be disassembled after the release, although the iPhone 7 compared with the iPhone 6s in the types of components and not much change, but this does not mean that dismantling is no surprise, maybe we will find Some very forward-looking accessories.

Recently, according to Chipworks, iPhone 7 is equipped with an FPGA chip, the chip from Lattice Semiconductor (Lattice Semiconductor), FPGA field-programmable gate array (Field-Programmable Gate Array). It is a kind of semi-custom circuit in the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) field. It is characterized by logic customization, low power consumption, far beyond CPU in the calculation of matrix calculation and activation function. In large data processing and manual Intelligence, etc. also have a very big use. However, the built-in FPGA chip in the phone is very rare. Prior to this, Samsung Galaxy S5 has built a FPGA chip.

Some analysts talked about the iPhone 7 built-in the FPGA chip, analysts believe that the chip revealed the future of Apple in the AI and AR, VR and other areas of the trend. Because it means that Apple is ready to use it to run the machine learning algorithm, think of Apple’s recent focus on health care in the future, we may see Apple will be better to close to the user’s life of artificial intelligence technology, such as for health monitoring , To provide health solutions.
The future, we will see Apple more focused on artificial intelligence chip appears in the iPhone.

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