This is the real modular Do-it-yourself mobile phone, although not seen nonetheless already died

I believe lots of Friends of the machine the majority of looking forward to the futuristic cell phone project, Google’s Project Ara modular smart phone project should be one of them, considering that Google first announced, numerous customers expressed their interest. Nevertheless, in September this year, when Google validated that its research and improvement for nearly three years Project Ara project is terminated, mainly because there is not much technological breakthrough, and no cellphone manufacturers are willing to mass production.


Although in the past two years, Google in public formal talk about Project Ara project much less, but it did not give up the intention. For example, last spg, Google also hinted that Project Ara model has been provided to the coders. In May of this year’s annual developer conference, Google not merely show the prototypes caused great concern to the outside world, but also stated that mobile phone manufacturers have been added to the release plan, 2017 at some point in the perfect time to be able to shelves retail model.


Unfortunately, when many people are getting excited about Project Ara mobile phone market when 60 days ago Google suddenly announced a suspension of the project. Note in which, Project Ara mobile phone in Google is the conclude, but Google wants to find an curious partner to continue the technology, Google would likely to provide the most comprehensive technical license. Therefore, we still hope to see the debut involving modular mobile phone debut that particular day, but the specific time can’t be determined, because to now also do not want to buy the job company.


Blowed for three years could not release anything finished? Many machine friends expressed discontent, at least look at a real device Ye Hao. Yes, in order to express the romance of the Project Ara modular mobile phone, many get a Project Ara project modular telephone, but this is not close to the done version, but should be directed at developers of development apparatus.


The sunscreen Project Ara smartphone’s body size of 152x 74×12.5mm, not including the camera element thickness is also very in contact with, absolutely not like today’s popular smart phone standards. Moreover, your machine with the battery, the weight reached 190g, than many of the large-screen cross-border equipment on the market should be heavy.


This Project Ara phone inner hardware specifications, if not the complete machine’s selling point, but still really worth mentioning, the main performance-driven is provided by a Qualcomm Xiaolong 810 processor, and with 3gb RAM memory in addition to 32gb Storage space, the screen size can be 5.46 inches, the resolution connected with FULL HD level of 1920*1080pixels.


In addition, Project Ara phone is also loaded with a 500-megapixel front camera, nevertheless the rear camera is only 2.1 million pixels, and with the predetermined focus lens. There are a lot of interfaces on the body, including the 3.5mm audio jack and Browse Type-C data / charging slot, the standard battery capacity of 3450mAh. Amazingly, the machine has been running Yahoo latest Android 7.0 Nougat nougat main system, and today many flagship may not be upgraded to this version.

Have to say, Google Project Ara project concept is heralded the future direction of the cell industry. But even if this is currently out of the sun, the real thought is still very difficult to play, a lot of key mobile phone components are straight integrated into the framework, like speakers, and many modules are restricted, mostly just outside the reliable additional features, and internal components beforehand promised There is a gap.

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