Apple will use curved screen? Concept iphone 8 Edge design

Truly, iphone screen with the Curved screen, should be pretty beautiful.
The market has a lot of phone manufacturers began to use curved screen upon its flagship model,the present news said that Apple next year’s high-end models will use the curved window panel, do you think Apple will unveiling next year, a “Edge” models?
In any case, the concept of designers will always demonstrate a first step, a few days ago an overseas designers brought us the most up-to-date conceptual design: iphone 8 Edge.
As the name implies, designers have used a curved screen to the iphone in two sizes, 4.7-inch and also 5.5-inch (5.0-inch and 5.8-inch), this time with the two models A dual camera, the body with a more dazzling glass substance.
It is worth mentioning in which, in this concept of iphone 8 edge did not get the Home button, the developer may be hidden it within the screen panel. Of course, fractional laser treatments is not first in the industry, there has been manufacturers already achieve this design and style.
Curved screen phone has been very common, there are many and more manufacturers began to work with this design, Apple has always been accustomed to the outcome for the industry, will they be capable to bring curved screen phone into a new height? Let’s just waitting.

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