Nokia D1C midrange exposure: 5.5 inches + Qualcomm 430 + 1600 megapixel camera

According to the Nokia Capital Markets Day conference placed recently in Nokia, one of the main jobs of Nokia Technologies in 2017 should be to bring the Nokia brand to the smartphone market. Therefore, we can basically confirm that the coming year, Nokia is bound to return, and very very likely in late February next year, a annual MWC World Mobile Conference on the release of new airplanes.
In the end the day of the turmoil Nokia will return how many unit? If in accordance with the Nokia China and Shanghai Belljoint managing team president Wang Jianya Said inside August this year, at least 3 or 4 Nokia mobile device brand is being organized. In any case, the most recent exposure time or a model for the Nokia D1C unit. The device was exposed day 1 of October, and interestingly, D1C was first considered a low-end cellphone, later is said to be a massive 13.8-inch Tablet PC.

However, the most recent information surfaced, the Nokia D1C serves as a large-screen smart phone, and D1C is just the internal r & d code name, not the final formal name. New news, D1C screen size up to 5.5 inches in size, rather than 4.8 or 13.8 inches of equipment, as more information, and Geekbench run before the sub-database is just not much difference.

In the end of the positioning of smart phones
Could that the Nokia D1C piece of 5.5-inch screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, rather than the high-end flagship machine 2k QHD screen. At the same time, the equipment comes with the latest version of Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.

Specifications, the Nokia D1C built with Qualcomm’s Xiao Long 430 processor, the chip pattern for the eight cores, clocked at 1.4ghz, along with integrated Adreno 505 graphics processor system, provides 3gb RAM to run the storage to match, optional 16gb Or 32gb involving storage. In addition, the body of your Nokia D1C also has a 1600 mega-pixel Rear camera and 800-megapixel front camera.

Finally, note that the Nokia D1C is usually a close to the “Nokia” brand of smart phones, is answerable to research and development can be another outsourcing company in Finland HMD global, the company won the next ten years, the global exclusive build Nokia brand name Phone, and tablet. In case the Nokia D1C to enter the production stage, then will no longer have the models created Finland, but a comprehensive assembly from the Foxconn.Looking forward for Nokia Back to mobilephone market place so that Nokia Repair Parts won’t go away in the repair industry.

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