Samsung S8 dual-camera technology exposure

Samsung Galaxy S8 or might be equipped with dual cameras by now rumors, but now it seems that Samsung is preparing to be technically innovative. Lately, according to sources, Samsung next-generation flagship make use of dual cameras and will include have a big difference in the solution as compared to other manufacturers. it will utilize two sensor which with similar specifications, one responsible for image resolution, while the other is responsible for this function, change one sensor into two, will be “a new fascinating way.”
The new dual-camera pattern

As Samsung has already registered throughout South Korea LightUp Camera and Light + Camera two camera-related logos, and is described as “low light conditions to improve the brightness and also clarity of the camera sensor,Inch which Samsung seems to have May be the very first time that in the Galaxy S8 equipped with dual digital cameras.

Samsung’s dual camera design and the current evaluation of other manufacturers, dual-camera photo must have a phase big difference, in fact, started in 2009, than the single camera, the picture quality improvement is actually even worse. And the problem is continue to very embarrassing now, as China manufacturers now popular isn’t black and white double cameras or is bifocal imaging section design, the like the imaging quality still is can’t rival samsung dual cameras scheme. It is speculated that will Samsung’s dual-camera design may be enhanced form of single-lens, the focus will be made of the photo quality results.
New sensor

Although not clear Samsung will use which kind of sensor in the foreseeable future of dual-camera design, but as outlined by previous South Korean advertising reports,the Samsung suppliers said that Samsung flagship models never make use of the same specifications of the lens, so the future of the Samsung Galaxy S8 digital camera Certainly has been upgraded in certain terms. And according to the merchant, the use of dual cameras during next-generation flagships will increase revenue for video camera suppliers and module manufacturers, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics as the primary named beneficiary, will be the main Galaxy S8 camera component supplier as usual.For samsung fix industry,if s8 use this digicam in next year the costs regarding samsung camera replacement will be very high, just as right now iphone 7 plus dual camera replacement in high price.

Therefore, your disclosure of information from the Korean marketing point of view, the future of Samsung Galaxy S8 dual camcorders may use their own design of the actual sensor, the specific specifications and other aspects of the details, there is no more news flash. In addition, Samsung may follow the train of the iphone 7 series, only the giant screen version equipped with dual surveillance cameras, and small screen version is still a single lens style, and is more likely continue to use Panasonic custom sensor .
Exynos M2 processor exposure

It really is worth mentioning that the second generation of Samsung’s own brand architecture Exynos M2, is likely to be used next season Exynos 8895 processor. The information from the latest point of view, the Samsung Exynos 8995 processor will use 10 nanometer finfet technology, the maximum frequency quicken to 4ghz, its power plus high-pass Xiao Long 835 processor the same.

However, it is unclear whether the model in the baseband will bring the whole Netcom function, according to South Korean media reports, Samsung Galaxy S8 will still be a dual-processor program design, with the Xiaolong 835 and Exynos 8895 processor chip, the proportion of the submitting of the same as in the past 50%. Thus no accident, the future of the Chinese type of the aircraft will be equipped with Xiao Long 835 processor.

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