Microsoft boss: the future Windows mobile phone will likely be “the ultimate mobile device”!

Microsoft has mentioned in a number of public occasions, their mobile business is a failure this year, once every quarterly profits admit this point, and that the short term is difficult to restore Windows phone. However, Microsoft also expressed reluctance to wholly abandon the phone’s attitude, but also efforts to study how to achieve innovation in the cellphone market.From this we can notice for mobile phone repair market maybe we can see increasingly more brand to join the stage plus much more not so famous brand’s cellphone parts gonna provide through supplier, will one day mend microsoft phone be a good small business just like iphone?

In fact, from the recent past, From Microsoft’s hardware manufacturer product line is not difficult to see that Microsoft’s mouth, the so-called innovative merchandise category is undoubtedly the Surface series, not long ago Microsoft also released a creative Surface Studio one machine. Therefore, according to a variety of speculation or broke the news standpoint, Microsoft’s mobile phone market continuously innovate on the product, it may be nowadays in the series of Windows mobile phones.

Lately, Microsoft Ceo Satya Nadella in the “Australian Financial Review” in an appointment once again hinted Surface cellular phone R & D ideas. He stressed which Microsoft does not want the future of Windows smartphone is the kind of Android and iphone is comparable to the device, but with their own innovative strategy consistent with the unique in addition to innovative features.

“The motivation is not merely to envy others,” Nadella said. “The problem is, what can most of us bring? That’s what I think from a shape or technology unit, even AI ( Artificial intelligence) technology.

Once again hinting Surface Phone is very impressive

Nardella went on to explain that he estimated the Windows mobile phone will be “the ultimate mobile device”. Obviously, Microsoft boss meant that the company is engaged in a sizable project on mobile devices. “We’re visiting remain on the mobile phone marketplace, no longer being defined as industry leader, but we think we can build the ultimate mobile device,Inches he continues.

“So we discontinued what we were doing (including scaling down Nokia, stopping the release of the brand new machine) and started doing new things, even though today’s size is quite small and focused only about the need for a series User-specific features, nevertheless we can do a very good task. ”

We do not know what Nadela calling “the ultimate mobile device,” nevertheless recent speculation is clearly suggesting as Microsoft seems to be trying to move x86 applications to smartphones.

These days there are rumors that Microsoft is preparing a “CHPE” Windows features, this feature is always to allow the future of ARM-based Windows systems should be able to have the ability to run x86 software, along with the main way is to x86 emulator In the Windows 10 Mobile system, focusing on service Continuum mode. If nothing else, don’t forget national 2017 the third code-named “Redstone 3” big update will include the feature.

Before the announcement that Microsoft’s Surface mobile phone project may be in the the fall of 2017 debut, this time while using the “Redstone 3” big update coincides using the introduction of time, Surface mobile phone will be the first to be able to work x86 Software for smartphones? We’ll wait and see.

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