Qualcomm snapdragon 835 specifications exposure: 3GHz frequency associated with 8 nuclear design


Qualcomm flagship processor snapdragon 835 has been exposed several times, the deal will use Samsung 10nm process. Now there will be netizens exposure snapdragon 835 specifications, said snapdragon 835 which is 3.0ghz, and the use of eight-core design.

The particular core frequency of 3GHz, a tiny core frequency of 2.4ghz, Graphics processing unit for the Adreno 540, support 4k screen, UFS 2.1, dual-shot plus LPDDR4x four-channel memory , Integrated Cat.16 baseband.

Qualcomm also said that the snapdragon 835 processor will also offer the new Quick Charge 4.0 fast charge technology. It has the charge for 5 minutes to extend using mobile phone length 5 hours, receiving efficiency than before 30% increase. Furthermore, QC 4.0 also integrates USB-C and USB-PD (Electrical power Delivery) support, a wider range of adaptation.

Although Qualcomm mentioned snapdragon 835 will be shipped early next season, but to the second quarter of next year to see snapdragon 835 cellphone. This industry speculation, the Qualcomm and Samsung R & D, it may mean that a flagship model of the next generation involving Samsung Galaxy S8 Dragon 835 will be the starting line. In accordance with earlier news Samsung S8 conference time to determine the MWC2017 years ago, that’s, before and after February 26, 2017. In accordance with the previous technique of production of mobile phones, Samsung has now supplied to Samsung parts supplier orders, production will begin before the end of the year.

In addition to snapdragon 835, there is a snapdragon 660 can also be released next year, the chip is also eight core design and style, but the process technology right into a 14nm, architecture A73 and A53 combination, GPU Adreno 512, support 2k screen. The remaining requirements also include dual-channel LPDDR4x memory, LTE Cat.10 baseband, QC4.0, and UFS 2.1, etc., equipped with Snapdragon 660 phone is expected to meet us while in the third quarter of pick up.

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