2017 should buy which kind of smart phone? Let’s check out these trends first

2016 will certainly pass soon, we’ll speak about 2017 should buy which kind of smartphone.With regard to mobile phones, the following development trend is still very worthy of the expectations.

More flexible design: As well as the current straight, large-screen design style, we can look forward to more flexible of the cell phone,current Samsung and LG and also other manufacturers are developing flexible demonstrate device.

Faster processors: Don’t be surprised even better processor performance regarding smartphones.

Mobile VR: By next year, we will see more support pertaining to Google Daydream third-party mobile, mobile VR apps will be more diverse than ever.

More quickly LTE: Although the 5G is unlikely to enter your smart phone next year, but don’t be surprised faster of 4G LTE.

USB-C interface: This coming year there are already many mobile phone equipped with USB-C interface, by next year, that interface will Become more popular.

Wireless audio: wireless headset allows the use of smart phones additional freedom, no longer subject to the restrictions of the headset cable.

Rapid charge: Qualcomm said that the fast charge 4.0 technology allows charging 5 minutes of smart phone access 5 hours of battery life. To next year, with the technology of cell phones will meet with us, let’s waitting to see a lot more nice mobile phone and awesome mobile phone accessories on this current market.


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