IPhone can not stop the temptation: flexible display screen!


Cool flexible curved screen

If you want to say flexible screen what kind of benefits, of course, the foremost is looks very cool. This we could see now Samsung’s flagship mobile phone, although much more expensive, the rise in functionality is limited, but as extensive as the budget is adequate, a lot more people select the Edge version screen.

Flexible computer screen based OLED display technology, which is often self-luminous characteristics of pixels so it does not require backlight panel and other components, your substrate can be plastic, metal or glass and other materials. Not surprisingly, as long as the substrate is flexible, the actual screen will also be flexible, meaning that we are able to even fold it. This specific screen is very thin, extremely light, and very tough.

We’ve been now more on the flexible tv screen called “curved screen”, mainly because from the user’s point of view, we can not personally damaged to fold the phone screen. Mobile phone manufacturers to make the display screen showing a change in the arc, the applying is very nice on the phone, nevertheless for us it seems hard display screen. This does not mean that flexible screen is a gimmick, because that can be bent, or even folding the exhibit has now been successfully produced.

Mobile phones are often electronic equipment showing their face, it looks very cool is very important. Holding a curve of the screen phone, consumer feel the whole people are very cool. If the recent spread of the people rumors are true, next Apple’s iphone sooner or later one day will not only transport OLED iphone screen, but also play a flexible surface.

Flexible screen why good

From the most practical mindset, the biggest advantage of flexible screen, naturally, is its anti-drop-resistant to play. Because the OLED screen can be a variety of various materials as the base, including vinyl, which also makes it with a solid durability. If the use of plastic material as a material, then not simply make the screen more difficult, but also effectively to the cellular phone weight loss. Of course, because the brands also need to add a layer with glass on the screen as a safeguard, so this does not mean that you can depend upon their own mobile phone with a curved screen isn’t taken heart.

With a flexible display screen, the shape of the screen can have more changes, as we while in the Samsung Galaxy flagship machine’s Edge series to determine it. If the screen just isn’t limited to the kind of candy bar design we are familiar with, then brands in the design of the overall model of the phone when you can have a greater degree of freedom, bring extra possibilities.

If you then look more time, such as when the future perhaps the entire electronic equipment can become flexible as soon as the screen. As a result, we can supplement as a newspaper roll absent. If electronic devices can take for more forms, our way of life will change a lot.

Flexible screen with the problem

In theory, many experts recognize that the use of plastic as a flexible screen substrate is the best, because this substance has a strong flexibility, effectiveness against drop characteristics.

However, you will of plastic than the wine glass is more complex, simply use that these porn files may lead to lower screen quality of the screen. This point means that handset manufacturers really need to spend more time to consider how to overcome this concern.

In addition, the plastic is often a semi-permeable material, which means that air and also water are able to enter the machine through the display screen. In order to avoid this example, mobile phone manufacturers can choose so as to add a layer of protecting coating, and some people are refining glass and plastic mixing up.

Look forward to flexible tomorrow

Although the flexible computer screen technology is still not adult, but the industry is confident of the company’s future popularity, that this innovative screen will certainly be the future of the mainstream, all the challenges to solve just a matter of time merely.

From science fiction movies, we can see people yearning for flexible screen technology. Whether it is the content from the electronic newspaper can be modified, or hanging on the wall of the active posters, and can be rolled up quickly carry the computer, to achieve these, in fact, we can from flexible monitor technology to find solutions. Young people need to do, just let the accumulation of assorted aspects of technology and then grow some.

Consumers are always wanting to market products that can make several bright spots change. When the flexible screen technology to be able to best some of the many devices will likely not rigidly adhere to the way automobile. From the practical point of view, different shapes of the screen can certainly naturally be applied in different sites.

The prospect of a flexible screen is excellent, even if it does not present an excellent breakthrough in usability, not less than not a fatal flaw, moreover mobile phones and other electronic equipment to take the new appearance is also adequately received. More demand may lead to more rapid technological progress, maybe the next generation of flexible, flip-up display will soon be applied to the mobile phone.

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