who will lead mobile phones trend: Apple Samsung Google or other Brand

To its private brand of mobile phone shipments, it will be the struggle between Samsung and Apple, but when on the operating system Competition, that may be, Apple and Google battlefield. It is foreseen that the next few years, the smartphone battle will still be Apple, Samsung and Google relating to the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Thus, what kind of technology will become the main target of the development of smart phones, plus who will be the first to make all those technologies perfect?

Flexible screen: a lot of people will not be unfamiliar to this principle, and now the market has even appeared individually mobile phones using the technologies, but has not done to cause the trend of the point.

Borderless: to be honest, this concept we have heard for a few years, but until the  Mi Mix the breakthrough of we really lamented it’s stunning. But in fact, as early as 2014, Sharp did not have any border mobile phone.

Completely bid farewell to cable: This is a trend, iphone 7 end headset interface has been confirmed. In a few years, wireless charging is bound to become the standard pertaining to smart phones, who can do this from the best?

Complete biometric: Regarding this, perhaps you will primary think of fingerprints to open the phone, but in fact should also contain facial recognition or iris identification. Today, fingerprint recognition has become a typical phone, complete biometrics will be how long from us?

Modular: a interface into a module we are really not familiar with, but you have not believed the phone itself can become a new module? Now Moto Z has been experimented with, but this DIY nature of the phone may not be so popular.

Leading-edge voice control: whether it is Apple’s Samsung or Google, and now have their own voice associate, but to be honest, those mobilephone express control is far apart than we see in the film.

Holographic projector screen technology: If you want to say which in turn technology is the most cool long term, holographic projection will undoubtedly be one of them. We have seen a lot of concept video, furthermore seen in the film a lot of similar images, but the technologies are still difficult to use in actuality.

Really full Netcom: This is not to state take-all of several major domestic insurers, but take the world. Certainly, to do this, first of all operators world wide with the support.

Augmented actuality technology: that is, the well-known AR, Pokemon Go’s popular, let people get back the importance of AR technology. Smart phones when people’s daily life essential products, integration AR is also a general tendency.

For mobile phone repair industy, whatever kind of smartphone have these new technologies, repair it gonna be not too easier and so cheap as in advance of, for example,after iphone 6s series apply 3d touch function on screen, costs involving iphone screen replacement go up a lot compare to iphone 6. So in the future i will face lots of new challenge.

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