Chinese no border phone far more beautiful than Mi Mix

Borderless mobile phone before for a long time only exists within science fiction movies, but with the creation of technology, this year’s smart phone likewise appeared in a certain borderless layout. It is worth mentioning that, in the Sharp Aquos Crystal, the Chinese mobile phone makers  released mi mix concept smartphone this season, attracted the attention of countless eye. Perhaps this is the case, increasingly more manufacturers expressed interest in this specific, and began to build a similar machine.If borderless smartphone coming out,the kind of smart phone parts many people gonna need to hold the screen? the best way to solve this problem,let’s waitting to see.
Not too long ago, on the network and softly broke a super-beautiful Chinese borderless mobile phone, it is owned by ZTE‘s wholly owned brand Nubia dedication, no models along with naming. The machine is still the conceptual design of the phone, not the prototype, but said the following phone has been in the development. Consequently this smartphone can really end up, do it will be same as principle design after come out, there’s no specific answer.
As Sharp Aquos Crystal along with mi mix, Nubian this smartphone design additionally maintains the width in the screen three borders are the narrowest, including the screen at the very top and left and right sides from the border, the maximum increase in the particular compactness of the machine, providing unmatched Screen accounting ratio. Even so, Nubian concept phone also joined up with the older generation of smartphone design slide, and its deal with is equipped with a mechanism to slide up to solve the previous borderless cellphone handset, front camera, pre-flash situation problem.
From the picture, the trunk cover up the slider operation following the handset, front camera, pre-flash might be revealed, and provide two specific features. The first is the quick addition of the camera’s function, the front with the two-color temperature fill light to make certain that the night can also shoot superb self-portrait. Second, if there is a call, additionally you can answer the phone through the slider. The actual slide operation is indeed a shiny spot, but the actual can be accomplished yet to be negotiated, but also for Nubia the way to solve accidental touch screen issues, many people also expressed problem.
Of course, since it is a concept appliance, there will not be any very clear specifications and parameters, the design and style diagram shows, Nubia borderless mobile phone using USB Type-C data interface and 3.5 mm headphone jack, fingerprint sensor located in the back The upper left corner of the back could be the main camera and fill light, power button as well as volume control keys in the fuselage for the left, the right is the SIM card bracket.
Finally, we see the actual Nubian border mobile phone also offers a variety of different styles, especially the back shell material customization, optional steel, wood and leather and so on.
In the world already has Sharp Aquos Crystal plus mi mix two borderless mobile phone come out of the case, I believe that the design of the phone is going to be challenging more and more, allegedly different Chinese manufacturers, including Huawei and Meizu have begun research and development , Of course, most people think that “beautiful than practical” , we look forward to see if it can be solved or you cannot.

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