Let’s see all those years exactly what big material change iphone Manufactured

IPhone unknowingly has been with us pertaining to nine years, in fact, in the birth of the iphone, smart phones ushered in an era of their own, plus these nine years, iphone keeps growing, to create iphone materials used Improving. And we know the name of the materials, the same happened to earth-shaking modifications. For example, plastic is no longer identified as plastic, we will call it PVC, Polyurethane or Polypropylene. And those metal materials, tricks are also very loud, such as 6000 series aluminum alloy, magnesium aluminum lithium alloy.
IPhone 3G shell material into the technological innovation plastics (call began to alter), then iphone 3gs is still using engineering plastic body, low cost, robust plasticity, easy colored, tsignal penetrating, very best resistance to cast are all its advantages, but the reputation is definitely poor, poor thermal conductivity can be plastic stand out shortcomings.

Classic iphone 4 became protagonist finally use glass instead of plastic, smooth and of high strength glass, aesthetic feeling to the excessive, it’s no wonder that next years iphone will likely return to the design of your glass body such as the vintage of the iphone 4, let’s look at.

Evolved once the iphone 4s, still the beauty of the window to an extreme, but with the actual iphone 4s perfect curtain call, “glass” furthermore give up his own leading purpose. However, the lack of stability of the molecular structure of glass, although glass is fragile is among the largest “nightmare”, and then take a closer look in internet again in detail.

The world is transforming, apple also is changing, all metal smartphones began to slowly attached the stage of history, your iphone 5 using anodized aluminum production of metal alloy material, the iphone provides much a resolute and refined metallic.
The iphone 5s of golden colouring, more “outstanding” the theme with the metal.
Iphone 5c took a different direction, the plastic finally delivered. Iphone 5c body with a hard coating of polycarbonate material, a few years soon passed, we get in touch with the iphone plastic body, and ultimately will not only say that plastic, although that polycarbonate, iphone 5c body is really colorful.

The best-selling iphone 6 in the track record adopted 6000 series aluminum alloy, and the way we call material patterns have changed all over again,, it is no longer simply known as aluminum alloy, but XX aluminum alloy. But the tragedy will be, 6000 series aluminum alloy isn’t strong enough, so, “folding door” took place. As a way to improve the strength and plasticity of aluminum, many manufacturers will be mixed with aluminum in a very little magnesium or other metal elements to improve the quality of aluminum.


The particular iphone 6s series, 7000 series aluminum alloy to replace the 6000 aluminum alloy, in addition to the name upgrade, firmness has also been upgraded.While the rose gold color is vivid spots, metal texture, and so beautiful.If you got a iphone 6s screen damaged by drop normally your housing will be ok, for this reason aluminum housing much better than a glass housing.

IPhone SE due to positioning difficulties, its body material time for the iphone 6 series aluminum alloy, and its back housing as well uses a glass material, potentially “mixed” is the theme of the iphone se.
In 2010 the new iphone 7 body material is nonetheless 7000 series aluminum alloy, but it really uses a new technology, the main mobile phone looks seamless, it’s going to be the peak of the metal collection of smart phones? Bright black is quite eye-catching.
Many rumors are said this next year’s iphone 8 will be re-use of your glass body design, after all, many people like the kind of glass mirror effect and elegant feel (for example, bright black). Along with e can only through the concept design to see full cup iphone 8 design beauty. The new Apple Watch has become using ceramic, as “old friends” a glass, it may return to the iphone pick up, it is difficult to imagine the future of the iphone back housing will get away what kind of new pattern material.


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