Microsoft,Google and LG cooperation to make foldable Surface Phone?


LG Display is the world’s largest LCD monitor manufacturers, yet there have been rumors that, LG Display is usually committed to the development of completely new OLED technology, and in recent years continued to expand production lines. At the same time, LG flexible display panel research and development operate has never stopped, with its own flexible folding display smart phone has been closed-door manufacturing, the fastest in the first half of next year will be able to officially released.

According so that you can the latest media news, in addition to Apple and Google, the software giant Microsoft is also seeking cooperation by using LG Display, through the signing of cooperation agreements in order to structured on its The latest flexible collapsible OLED display panel is planned for the next generation of mobile products.

Currently no one knows Microsoft and LG Display cooperation agreement in the content, after all, each agreement involves confidentiality. Having said that, informed sources said, LG Display is one of the objectives of the formation connected with competition with the Samsung Display, especially in the folding display panel technology, your sooner the better to gain competitive advantage.

Microsoft Google fresh foldable product category?
As we all know, Apple, just one of Microsoft’s biggest competitors, has been looking for a breakthrough with folding display technology, and even applied for a number of patents, hence Apple will almost certainly be released while in the market based on like technology equipment, but specific time and production will be unknown. So, Microsoft is how the case?

According to be able to normal speculation, Microsoft seems to be expected to apply the folding display panel to develop new solution categories, and most likely classified as long-term focus for Microsoft’s Surface product line. Microsoft is trying to improve in addition to expand the Surface lineup, like Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Studio are Microsoft’s growing lineup of products, so with a folding display panel Microsoft can naturally engage in the same work.

Allegedly, Google is actually also considering the next generation of Pixel mobile phones equipped with flexible OLED display, Microsoft is in the Surface product line regarding their own plans. But within any case, with those two economic strength potential customers support, LG will never miss out on this opportunity.

LG has already begun to develop a folding display panel, plus the end of last year, LG has also set up a new special working group to concentrate on exploration for smart phones or tablet PCs can be folded display screen. As well as LG has previously confirmed that Gumi’s display panel factory has been there, in selected, opened the mold for the production of the sixth generation connected with P-OLED plastic display. Folding panels are also made of special plastic, which supports full folding, but also allows for curled shapes, and is easy to bend, fold and restore, the actual company said.

However, it should possibly be noted that, LG folding panel will get started trial production next year, there may be a small variety of machines come out of their own, but just before 2018 is difficult to achieve stable production. Consequently, LG even if the ability to produce a folding panel, does not mean of which the new Surface mobile phone will be able to help immediately equipment, at least in the autumn of 2017 published Surface can certainly not be achieved in occasion, is expected to wait until at least 2018 as well as 2019 The beginning of the year.To get folding LG screen costs will be how much right now no body know.

LG has yet for you to reveal too much folding OLED panel related information, although LG’s biggest rival Samsung next year may release a new folding machine, as well as believe that the next few months time LG are going to be action.

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