Nokia E1 and D1 mobile phones will be legally unveiled, December 28 will has a conference in China?

There has been a lot of communicate around Nokia’s return to the actual smartphone market.

Allegedly, Nokia is definitely the first to release in the low-end mobile phones, including Nokia E1 will be entry-level smart phones, and Nokia D1 is the mid-range models. E1 style will keep previous Lumia family design, exactly like the Lumia 830 and Lumia 925, and is “a clean polycarbonate” covering design, the front bottom from the touch-sensitive buttons. The appearance of D1 is a little bit rounded, and E1 is the most significant difference between the corner, even though the Home key is the natural form of the entity, a pair of models in size and weight are not the same.

According to speculation, Nokia E1 and Nokia D1 have long before the exposure of your rendering, do not know what the specific difference. As shown under:

Nokia E1 concept:
Nokia D1 Concept:
Nokia in the low-end mobile phones when it released?

A few days ago we have witnessed news that, HMD Global will be in 4 pm on December 28, held a proper cooperation signing ceremony at the headquarters of Jingdong, at the same time there will be a new Nokia mobile phone debut. Furthermore, last week, Nokia Greater China president Wang Jianya from the company’s internal WeChat group for ones colleagues broke the news that will Nokia will be on Wednesday (28) within mainland China starting a new phone, seems to indirectly confirm the December 28 HMD as well as JD United The announcement from the new machine.Warmly allowed for Nokia coming back, as for repair business nokia replacement is only few selllers now, and a lot of repair stop maybe gonna repair nokia once more in the near future.

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