IPhone power consumption serious how to do? Test these solutions!

If you find your own iphone power consumption is very serious, then, can there be any way to solve this problem?

Currently, the Apple iphone 6s / 6s Plus, iphone 7/7 plus and iphone se present life time of 10 to 14 hours for search over the internet, send and receive information and social chat, and so on.But if you have just increased ios 10 or just buy a new iphone 7, you’ll find your phone power consumption is very critical, then, how can we solve this concern?
Wait patiently

New iphone or new ios system needs to regain the backup or fixed the time consuming a lot of power so that you can download applications, games along with photos, etc., iphone will continue to use the signal antenna, Spotlight also need to archive these written content. Therefore, after the end of the tasks, the power consumption rate will certainly return to normal.

Test On standby Time
If you feel that the new iphone power consumption quicker, the first thing that should be thought of is usually, is not their long time to use the iphone, you may spend considerable time to try some new features, such as Live Photo or 4k movie and so on.

At this time, we should accomplish is put the iphone aside to get 20 to 40 minutes, if the left over power does not appear a significant decline, then the iphone itself is normal.

Shutdown restart

Frankly speaking, several devices can solve lots of problems as long as the reboot, iphone is no exception.

Check the battery consumption
Click Settings – Battery, and after that view the last 24 hours or the final 7 days of battery usage, check which applications consume more power, double-click your property button to enter the application transferring interface will be closed.

This is not a preferred method, because restoring the factory configurations will lose all passwords, adjustments, and application data. In the iPhone’s life has been not able to support the daily use of the instance, this method can still try. To accomplish this, go to Settings – Basic – Restore, and click “Erase Just about all Contents and Settings.Inch

External power supply
If you think iphone power seriously isn’t enough, then with a mobile phone power or battery protection cover. Hmo’s can provide sufficient power, but carrying is a problem, the latter is relatively lightweight, but the power is limited.

Low battery method

Low power mode is a good alternative when iphone power consumption is normal and you are definitely not going to use an external power deliver. Turn on this feature, the system may disable mail retrieval, Siri, historical past applications to refresh in addition to automatically download, and reduce or perhaps close some of the visual benefits.

Contact sales
If none of the above methods can improve iPhone’s battery life, you may need to Apple store as well as Apple authorized service providers to seek specialized after-sales help, sometimes maybe you have to have a iphone battery replacement.

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