10 anniversary of the iphone, 2017 will be a vital moment

2017 will be the iphone since the delivery of the tenth year, everyone on this year’s iphone is full of goals. So far, the next generation of iphone (we’ll call it the iphone 8) specifications along with characteristics of a lot of gossips, the new year, let us together in order to memorize these exciting completely new technology.
Three sizes by using OLED

According to the current rumors concluded that Apple pick up may launch three shapes of the iphone – 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches and 5.8 inches. Included in this, 5.8-inch models can be used on the OLED panel. OLED technology after a long increase in recent years has gradually grow to be better, regardless of color, black level and response occasion are significantly better than the Lcd screen. But due to capacity problems, Apple just isn’t expected to give all the innovative iphone with OLED panels.

5.8 inches sounds big, both hands holding the operation of the particular bar. However, Apple may reduce the national boundaries, or the use of borderless design, naturally, the 5.5-inch border there is however much room can be minimized, so you can make the 5.8-inch body visual appeal can do with 5.5 inches of the dimensions .

Plastic and curved screen
As for the unexplainable third iphone, rumors are single that will eventually use the OLED cell. But there is a rumor reported, this OLED panel material is cheap, because of the curved screen made into consideration. Cheap screen will not become a consumer unlike point? Apple will be steps to create the texture of the plastic tv screen, this will be a challenge.

IPhone screen content has always insisted upon using glass, there is a real small episode. It is said anytime the first generation of Apple iphone while in the development of the time, Jobs may be the plastic screen of the iphone model pocket, the results of other things with the bag rubbed numerous scratches, Steve Jobs immediately made a decision to use the iphone screen glass.

As a result, the plastic surface of the tv screen may only be a reference form of Apple, will eventually launch such versions, but also can not solve the issue of scratches.

Fuselage with all-glass

Apple’s iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus launch of the bright dark colored great success. Despite being laughed at “technology to shell for this”, it truly is undeniable, bright black popular by consumers. But do not dress in protective shell with a stretch of time after the bright black system was scratched. Glossy visual appeal is very important, but the durability might be more important.

In order to make the iphone 8 to higher withstand the drop as well as scratches, Apple may use 2.5D glass physique shell, both to ensure the highly polished of the shell, but also improve the durability.

Glass and wireless charging
Fuselage together with all-glass There is a possible reason would be that the next generation iphone or support wireless charging. Apple’s opponents have long been trying to make a breakthrough in the wireless charging, and Apple has been specifically ridiculed by Samsung.

Earlier, that it was reported that Apple and soulmates are overcoming the current technical barriers to wireless charging technology, as well as long-distance power outages. If successfully triumph over, Apple’s wireless charging technology will be far more than Samsung’s technology.

Touch id and screen
Imagine the way ahead for the iphone no Home switch, no border, it is what sort of sci-fi equipment. In view of Apple gradually thrown away a number of jacks and links, remove the Home button isn’t surprising.

According to a new Apple evident, Apple can let the display read fingerprints, which means the fingerprint sensor built into the bottom of the screen techie barriers have been resolved.

Currently the Home key is to return to the key screen and activate the particular Siri, and we now have several ways to activate the Siri without the Home key, and Apple is very simple to operate software commands to allow buyers to easily return to the main screen. As long as the Touch id integrated into this screen to solve the complex problems, the abolition of the Home secret is imperative things.

Cook and Artificial intelligence

Cook within an interview with a Japanese media channels has revealed that iPhone’s future lies in artificial intelligence (AI). So when discussing iphone 8 rumors how can this element much less it.

Obviously, Apple is now the focus of the AI. In the smart phone directly into an artificial intelligence, we will be able to use AI to boost the iphone battery life, remember where the user’s car to the end user to recommend music.

Alarms and barometers

Barometer this gossip has long been heard, but unfortunately the particular iphone 7 who did not achieve. Which means this rumor will naturally continue to iphone 8 physique. In addition to barometer, iphone 8 also includes heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation sensor, as well as the existing iphone has the accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensors, compass. Much more rumors, iphone 8 may be equipped with iris recognition technology, if so, that iphone 8 has to be more retinal or iris tracking sensor.

Other specifications
As for the specifications, the processor is certainly used A11. A11 will almost certainly use 10 nanometer technology, and is supposed to be faster and more powerful.

RAM may also increase to 4 GB. IPhone’s RAM there is a lot of room for improvement, competitors are using 4 gb RAM when Apple used 2gb, which has been customer complaints, but also makes Apple run the test when the memory ate losses.

Iphone 8 screen may also be 4k, with 4096 * 2160 pixel resolution. Rear camera could have 15 million pixels, support pertaining to optical image stabilization, has a 600-megapixel front camera. Curiously, there are rumors that 5.8 inches guiding the dual-camera iphone 8 will probably be arranged in vertical, like this, watching isn’t very strange?
Unlike the iphone 7 plus, the iphone 8 Plus’s two rear-facing cameras support optical image stabilization, although the iphone 7 plus only offers wide-angle optical photograph stabilization. In addition to the telephoto lens will also support optical image stabilization, a photo quality and to make certain that zoom range is also anticipated to be improved.

IPhone 7 battery capacity higher to 1960 mAh, but the customer is still not satisfied with this battery daily life, we guess, iphone 8 battery capacity could possibly be increased to 2800 mAh, will be able to present 18 hours of 4G time period.

Said so much, you are not scratch it? Do not worry, so the iphone 8 must wait nine months. If all of the rumors mentioned above, it is certain that 2017 as the 10th anniversary of Apple will certainly be actions. Although this year may still concentrate on the internal promotion of the year, however at least there will be a new iphone so that you can mark the beginning of the new several years.

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