LG G6 Mini was open: 5.4 inches full screen feels excellent

This year, LG released it’s new LG G6, although this cellular phone will not be sold in China. LG could also quit the Chinese market eventually, but still could not hold up next to a lot of fans. Recently LG was exposed a new product together with 5.4 inches screen which looks like LG G6 new mini.


From the exposure pictures, the length-width ratio of LG G6 Mini screen stays at 18:9 without any changes in other sides, merely a smaller version of the G6. Are you aware that configuration, we still have no idea of whether there is any different out of G6.From the size, the feeling of LG G6 mini version will be better than LG G6 . The news relating to this new mobile phone is not significantly, we will continue to follow up the attached reports. We will offer LG g6 repair parts quite soon, for full-line of lg parts please i implore you to buy from ogodeal website.


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