New arrival hot sales Nike Lab Apple watch, it proved to be a rage

The network news indicated that Apple and Nike jointly launched the latest limited edition Nike Lab Apple Watch, which is the same just like Apple watch Series2 in configuration ,but with the fragile gray / black watchband color.


Because this model is a limited edition sold, the style is still a secret. Right now Detroit BORG from the YouTube channel gives us the Apple watch 4k HD video, make us enjoy this special edition watch again every which way.

This watch features an apple watch secure design.Actually Apple has already launched he “hole design watchband” before the Watch Nike + ,although different in color. Apple explain which chose a black and white coloration this time is mainly in order to stimulate consumer desire to explore in order to find, black-white color is higher comparison color scheme, it is better as opposed to previous style in the visible impact.
Because it is a limited variation product, so this product could only be sold in the official Nike site (now sold out) ,designated 8 Nike Lab shops and Tokyo Isetan Apple retail store.occasionally you might broken your apple watch, you may get a apple watch screen replacement at some online store, or you can just get this completely new Nike Lab Apple watch.

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