Three new Google Pixel 2 New Smartphoneare was actually exposed: Xiaolong 835+ Android 8

As the May Google I/O meeting approaches, news about Android O(Android 8) and Google Pixel mobile phone is increasing little by little. According to foreign media reviews, from the code table associated with Android Open Source Project, three Google Pixel brand new machine are equipped with MSM8998 chip, which is currently Xiaolong 835. The code name involving Pixel 2 is Muskie, Pixel XL 2 is Walleye, Pixel XXL is Taimen.


In addition, HTC is expected to continue to be Manufacturer of second generation associated with Google Pixel mobile phones, if you got a google pixel shattered,you can get a google pixel screen replacement at ogodeal.

O18N-fyfeutq1558727 (1)

Cellular Google’s insist on the rear fingerprint and push full screen adaptation in the Android developers, at least one Pixel machine makes use of a similar design. At the same time, a given- up of 3.5mm headphone jack will be a slam-dunk.

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