New generation ipad Pro’s performance can be greatly improved, the new characteristics can be a big surprise for us

Apple probably will bring us a new ipad pro 2 immediately, Specialist Guo Mingchi from KGI securities said that apple will announce this new pc tablet at the WWDC 2017.

So what exactly would the particular ipad pro 2 look like? As usual, apple is naturally deceptive, so we can only make a smaller summary from the reports in addition to rumors.


Edge-to-Edge screen. It is noted that the 10.5 inch ipad pro 2 will be the world’s first tablet computer with the configuration connected with Edge-to-Edge screen.Although it looks a similar size as the ipad, but there is no doubt that it will provide a higher tv screen proportion for consumers. It also makes ipad pro 2 to attract more enterprise users. At the same time. With the advancement of various parts, ipad pro 2 will naturally become a pretty practical work equipments in our journey.if your ipad pro broken and yes it not on warranty, it planning to costs much for you to repair the idea, you can just buy a ipad pro screen replacement on the internet let your nearby shop repair person fix it or do Build-it-yourself repair.

Touch Bar. As the high-end tablet computer, ipad pro 2 is likely to be like the MacBook Pro 2016’s Touch Bar area, but it is said just before that iphone 8 may be equipped with relevant configuration function. This Touch Bar Permit users have access to shortcuts in addition to emoticons touch bar, it will become the important sign that what distinguish ipad pro 2 from other tablet pc’s on the market.

Apple Pencil 2.Apple Pencil has always been a well liked Apple accessories, and perhaps with the kick off of the new ipad pro, it is time intended for apple to bring Apple Pencil 2.

Ios 11. we are likely to experience a new version of the ios system with WWDC 2017, ios 11 will bring many new upgrades, perhaps ipad pro 2 to be the first earlier adopters.

12 million pixel camera. ipad pro 2 is also possible to be equipped with a 12 million pixel camera, consumers can use it to capture 4k video and Live Photographs.

Analysts expect that apple this holiday season is likely to sell 500-600 million ipad pro 2, about 15% regarding total ipad’s sales this year, yet it is said that the apple is more very likely to announce ipad pro than the “Siri speaker” at the 2017 WWDC, that is to be seen.

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