The released time of HUAWEI Glory 9 had been confirmed: Front fingerprint identification+ dual cams

Foreign media opened the invites of Huawei Glory 9’s launch push conference which showed that June 27th ,make us together witness how honor will illuminate the night within Berlin, Germany. It is speculated that will HUAWEI Glory 9 may be unique in the night capturing.


According to previous rumors, HUAWEI Glory 9 is going to be equipped with a dual camera , one is 20 million pixels black-white camera , one is 12 million pixel color digital camera. That looks similar to combine with this Huawei P10’s dual camera , also means that it is not only good in low light photographing, but also can achieve the two instances “lossless zoom.”

Elsewhere, HUAWEI Glory 9 are going to be equipped with Kirin 960 processor, 4gb/6gb RAM memory settings, EMUI 5 system which developed by Android 7.
Many folks have exposed the device’s photo, there is seems simply no difference with Huawei glory 8 typically, except the front fingerprint design, it appears that the players prefer the front fingerprint style and design.we will keep offer most up-to-date huawei repair parts like huawei mate 8 parts mate 7 replacement huawei P9 parts etc to repair shops, once glory 9 replacement parts coming out we will offer them on our website the moment we can.

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