The concept design of LG V30 has been subjected: Full screen+ Xiaolong 835

Recently, the unusual media Concept Creator unveiled the concept video of LG V30. This particular machine is designed with a full computer screen, second screen in the top position is retained.


In configuration, LG V30 is equipped with 5.7 inches 2k display, Xiaolong 835 model, 6gb built- in memory, 12 million pixel dual rear end camera, 12 million pixels front camera, to prevent anti shake support.


From the video, the machine also functions glass materials. Red LG V30 is far more recognizable and fashionable than other colors, may be the most beautiful LG primary mobile phone.LG V20 screen replacement is quite hot seller,once V30 released we will present repair parts for it soon.
LG V20, G6 and other LG handsets have missed the where you live now market, I do not know whether the next V30 will return to your mainland market, let us wait around and see.

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