Moto Z2 Play with Xiao Long 626 chip is sold around Brazil

There was news in which Moto Z2 Play will be released in Latin America on June Initial before, and it seems real today that Brazil has started selling this product. The price is BRL2699, about RMB5697.00 , the final domestic pricing is continue to unknown.

Moto Z2 Play appearance is basically similar to before, modular design, Oreo digicam, slim body, camera increased, but the front square fingerprint is usually replaced by a waist rounded fingerprint, and the two-color self-timer flash is incorporated the upper left corner .
Within configuration, Moto Z2 Play is equipped with 5.5-inch 1080p screen, Android 7.A single.1 Nougat system, Xiao Long 626 chip, 4gb RAM +64 Gigabyte ROM memory. 500w pixel front dslr camera, 1200w pixel rear a cracked moto z play? just get moto z play screen here.
In contrast, we’re looking forward to the Moto Z2 Force. It is known to be equipped with Xiaolong 835 and double-camera technology.

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