Google Pixel phone will be upgraded to Android O in August: though others can only be waitting

According to overseas media’s reports, Google plans to launch the version of updated Android O take the first week or the 2nd week of August . Google Pixel could be the world’s first avant-garde Android O public version phone, and then will probably be Google’s Nexus device.


After the launch of Android O, Google will wait a further month or two to release the new top Google Pixel 2 generation. Google Pixel is the flagship cell phone released by Google on August 4 last year. If Android O is definitely released in August, potentially this year’s Google flagship new cellular phone may be earlier available.

In accordance with the published information previously, Google will certainly launch three Pixel phones, the Pixel 2 code is Muskie, Pixel XL 2 code is usually Walleye, Pixel XXL code is Taimen . From the Sooner exposed photos, a new generation of Pixel will be with built with rounded full-screen, fingerprint recognition located in the returning of the phone. In addition, the equipment may join the face treatment unlock, iris recognition technology, and also the 3.5mm headphone jack canceled, dustproof and waterproof aid.Google Pixel Screen replacement offered by ogodeal is 100 % new and original top quality.

In addition, Rick Osterloh, head with Google’s hardware division, mentioned the next-generation Pixel phone is expected to be released this fall, and this compilation of mobile phones will keep the pace in the year’s update. At the same time John Osterloh stressed that they will not launch cheap models and go through high-end line.For more smartphone most recent news go to our blog.

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