When will Huawei mate 10 often be launched? full screen layout + Unicorn 970 processor + Lycra four cameras, Huawei mate10 really worth wait

HUAWEI Glory 9 has been released two days ago, HUAWEI Glory 9 capture a large number of user’s hearts for Huawei with high value and performance. Upcoming we are looking forward to Huawei’s new unit Huawei mate10. From Huawei mate10 released in September, time is getting closer, There are more plus more related information about Huawei mate10 ,let us look at the latest news of Huawei mate10 these.

1) Full screen design and style
Full-screen design seems to have become a movement, Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a hyperboloid full screen, a step up from the Mimi Mix; by just looking at iPhone8 will also be equipped with a comprehensive monitor. Huawei Mate10 will also follow this trend, using a 6 inch and 2k level full screen design, it is estimated that the actual Huawei Mate10 will be launched with a couple of versions : Curved surface screen and Confronting screen.Huawei ascend screen replacement avaliable at oogodeal, you can get many repair parts you require from them

141J2B09-1 (2).jpg
2) New flagship brand
Huawei will launch its own most up-to-date flagship processor unicorn 970 in the other half of the year, its performance goes beyond the Xiaolong 835 processor. Unicorn 970 will be initially installed in the Huawei Mate10 mobile phone, superior 10nm process.
3) Lycra four cams
At present, Vivo X9 already has a entry dual-camera mobile phone, it is most consumer’s favored. This time Huawei Mate10 will make use of his or her greatest advantages, Lycra four cams, which will get the favor associated with majority of consumers.

Last year, Huawei launched high-end business machine Huawei mate 9,it was successful. I believe that the release of Huawei mate10 is not going to let everyone down, an individual ready?


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