Gold pink Sony XZP is produced: Xiao Long 835/ super waterproof

Not long ago, Sony‘s new mobile machine XZ Premium using latest gold powder colouring also is released quietly. As opposed to previous Hyun black and flash metalic colors, this fashion gold lilac can be described as extremely avant-garde. At present, that new color mobile device has begun to be pre-sold, the price is RMB5699 yuan, same as the previous two colorations.


Sony XZ Premium is designed with 5.5-inch 4k HDR IPS screen, up to 3840×2160 resolution, Xiao Long 835 cell phone platform, 4 +64 GB body storage space, support for high resolution and also lossless audio stereo surround sound, 3230mAh battery volume. In addition to the combination of 13 million pixel front +1900 million raise camera, IMX400 built-in sensors which proceed the Sony mobile phone camera advantages, Sony XZ Premium also supports IP68 waterproof, it is said that the waterproof effect is substantial.if you need sony z5 premium screen simply check here.

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