Refurbished Samsung Note7 will be pushed for the international market by the end of this specific month

According to foreign media channels Gsmarena reports, the official version of Galaxy Note 7 which can be Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) has been sold on July 7 in The philipines, priced at 699,600 won (about 4144 yuan). Galaxy Note Further education is highly sought after the selling, listed on the same day, South Korea’s a couple of major mobile operator amount mobile service use quantity reached 2.019 million.Samsung Note 5 Screen replacement wholesale here at ogodeal.


According to the latest news, Samsung intentions to bring Note FE to the global market by the end of this thirty day period. It is not clear which country listed in the specific, the only certain will not be introduced in the US marketplace.
Last year, Note 7 exploded and recalled in China because of “different treatment” and caused an uproar, so this can’t be sure that it will enter into China industry.

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