HTC U12 is first exposed: 4k total screen + Xiao Long 845

Today’s HTC‘s product sales is not higher than before, nonetheless its R & D strength can not be underestimated. Your released HTC U11 a while ago receives a lot user and industry’s attention, along with the camera score is Ninety points on the high. Despite the fact that HTC U11 was just released soon, as well as the next-generation U12 machine product was subjected, it seems HTC want to use U set to fight a turnaround.We shall offer HTC U11 Screen replacement soon.

Recently, the foreign media revealed a group of HTC U12 photos, it established that HTC U12 is designed with a comprehensive computer screen, symmetrical design style that HTC provides always followed, positive top of a double camera camera lens, HTC’s Logo at the bottom. The back of your machine is all-metal material, the bottom of our bodies equipped with JBL speakers, sound quality is superb.


In configuration, HTC U12 will use 5.7-inch 4k tv screen, front dual-lens for 1600 King pixels, rear dual camera lens for 24 million pixels, support optical focus. The processor will directly use Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship processor – Xiao Long 845, with 6gb DDR4 shipped, together with 128gb of EMMC mass storage.

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