What persuaded you to buy so expensive iphone 8?

According to past reports, Apple will be release the revolutionary iphone later this year, regardless of the phone’s name is iphone 8, iphone pro or the others. It will add some new features, and this is what analysts believe that this specific new IPhone prices will be more compared to $ 1,000.


So far, we’ve got heard a lot of news with regards to iphone 8, including OLED display, wireless charging, face identification, faster processors, embedded Touch id receptors, higher storage capacity plus a breakthrough, equipped AR-enabled cameras etc.

iPhoneHacks reported that if there is no incident, we can almost certainly iphone 8 screen will probably be OLED display, no border design and style, iphone 7s / 7s Plus continue to use the Liquid crystal display panel. However, OLED and borderless style and design is not enough to coerce people to spend more than A person,000 US dollars to buy iphone 8, because Samsung has got achieved the same goal visited the Galaxy S8 .

From the iPhoneHacks poll benefits, if the iphone 8 with all of the above attributes, then there are 40.51% of users expressed willingness to buy this mobile phone. It is worth mentioning in which 27.73% of users said that set up iphone 8 has all of the above features, they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to buy iphone 8.

Then an question came, if it is you, what kinds of new features are added in ,so you are willing to buy this new iphone with more than $ 1,000?


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