It is said that LG V30 will be worldwide sold in September 28.

According to foreign media androidauthority’s report, LG is expected to release the most up-to-date flagship mobile phone LG V30 in the August 31 Berlin IFA 2017, after which it will be available purchased in global Market – The european countries will usher in the first / series of mobile phones. So when would you like in the market? According to sources, that code-named JOAN flagship mobile phone will be in your September 14 in the local market – The philipines .


After that, LG will be opened this pre-sale channels on September 17th in the United States, the official sales time is definitely on September 28th. As for the Euro market, the information obtained by the source did not show, but given the time of the global sale made – September 28, so the market shoppers do not need to wait too long. Broken LG v20 screen, now is time to customize the lg v30.


LG V30 is likely to be one of the most anticipated designs this year, and it will most likely turn into strong competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S8. The latest exposure of the information display, V30 will be launched LG’s first equipped with 6-inch borderless ultra-thin OLED display phone, and it will always be equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Long 835 Cpu. It is cloudy whether LG V30 will use the 4gb RAM arrangement used by most flagship cell phones in 2017 or a 6gb RAM configuration such as a plus 5 and so on.

Same with the LG G6, V30 will even use dual camera design, 3300mAh battery capacity, help for wireless charging and provide military-grade protection. With all the previous V10 and V20, V30 will also be gonna have a strong camera as well as multimedia, according to legend, G6 dual 13 million pixel digicam, DAC and excellent video control performs will return in the V30.


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