IPhone 8’s starting price is more than RMB7,000 yuan

This year, Apple will launch a 10 decades special edition iPhone 8. It was previously reported that this year’s iphone 8’s price will probably be nearly RMB10,000yuan. Recently, foreign media 9to5Mac opens the news that the iphone 8’s price tag will be about 1,A hundred US dollars. (equivalent to RMB 7400 yuan), while the top variation will reach 1,200 US dollars. With regard to repair shop if you need iphone 8 parts, maybe have to have wait for iphone 8 screen costs go down.


In fact, the price of apple’s iphone is raised every year. According to the research by means of Asymco, a market-research firm, the apple i phone’s top version will niche for about $100 every three years, just like the iphone 7 plus 256gb, which has reached $950.By this principle, $1,100 for the iphone 8 this year is very likely.


As for the other two new iphone 7S and 7S Plus price, it can be learned that 64gb version of iphone 7s and 7s Plus are priced at $ 750 and Usd 870, 256gb version of iphone 7S and 7S Plus priced at Usd 850 and $ 1,000} respectively.


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