IPhone 7s is designed with glass physique: Support wireless charging function

Although Apple will launch three iphone this year, however compared to the iphone 8, iphone 7s / 7s Plus has a quite little attention. Of course, many models will be inferior to amass with the iphone 8 , it may not because of the iphone 7s series ‘s little change, but this progress of iphone 8 is too great. However, the iphone 7s series will continue improved, such as in appearance in addition to part of the function.

Recently, Mass media Technobuffalo share the CAD images of iphone 7s series, which is this is the final design. These Virtual design drawings show that the overall design of iphone 7s and iphone 7 series is almost the identical, and the iphone 7s / 7s Plus will be utilized with glass body before and after + material frame design, which is very different from the previous generation. As for the function of glass body ,just to keep the wireless charging function. If you got the iphone 7 screen broken, maybe you can easily wait for this new iphone 7s appear.

Although Technobuffalo shared the CAD drawings of iphone 7s series , your iphone 8 related news is also always be mentioned. It is said that iphone 8’s ultimate name may be iphone X as well as iphone Edition, in short, it will not be “iPhone 8”.

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