Apple iphone X has been exposed: Built with the strongest six-core A11 / Wireless charging

Apple iOS11 GM quasi-official release was exposed already, thus let us know more about the iphone 8, iphone Times. While the Apple 10 anniversary version of the particular iphone was also dug out the brand as the iphone X. Now web developers get more information about iphone X.

An example may be A11 processor which iphone X seemed to be equipped with, the developer Stroughtonsmith declared that the A11 chip will be a 6-core processor, as well as two high-performance Monsoon core, four low-performance Mistral primary, with independent addressing abilities.

638a2a7b3b3d1ad850ba497d199ad5cf (1).jpg
As a comparison built for the iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus A10 Fusion chip has four cores, particularly two high-performance core, two high-efficiency primary. ipad A10X has 6 cores, using 3 + A few mode. This means that the iphone Back button, iphone 8 will be the most powerful ios device ever sold.

In addition ios 11 GM also said that iphone X, iphone 8 will support 4k / 60 frame video capture, 1080p / 240 frame video clip capture.
Another developer also found that iphone X will also support wireless charging, even in the charging any time there are some 3d animation demonstration. Nevertheless iphone 8 models are not sure if you should support wireless charging. Want wholesale iphone 8 screen, check here.

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