The secret of iphone 8 plus dual camera: really greater

In the previous conference, Apple said that iphone 8 runs on the larger size of the sensor, to ensure the camera will have a better performance compared to iphone 7. However, after the seminar, the insiders believes this iphone 8 and iphone 7 plus are likely to be equipped with a similar camera, but better. Furthermore credible? Now more definitive argument.

Techinsights has dismantled the actual iphone 8 plus, and after the observation associated with iphone 8 dual camera module through the X-ray, confirmed the dual camera module is still from Sony organization.
Specifically, the iphone 8 plus has a main camera size of 6.29mm x 5.21mm plus an area of 32.8 square mm. For comparison, the iphone 7 Plus’s main photographic camera size is 32.3 square millimeters.
So, the more credible debate is that the iphone 8 plus really uses a fresh camera, but compared to the iphone 7 plus with regard to hardware specifications may not be totally obvious, but slightly larger pixel sizing.We will offer iphone 8 parts also iphone 8 plus parts quickly.
Foreign media believe that iphone 8 plus on this occasion uses a single pixel sensor size of 1.2’m, focus mode for the cycle focus, which should be the first use of this focus on the iphone.
Nothing is to introduce about Telephoto camera, solitary pixel size of 1’m, not equipped with optical image stabilization also.

It must be metioned that although the hardware update is not big, but the performance of iphone 8 plus camera this time can be defined as amazing, DxOmark published the results, prove that the iphone 8 plus camera / video score of 94 factors, iphone 8 score of 92 factors.
As a comparison, iphone 7 plus score with 88 points, iphone 7 is Eighty five points, Htc U11 and Google Pixel’s score is just 90 points only.


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